Happiest of Holidays to You!

Tree2Wow, it’s Christmas Eve already. My daughter has been home from college since the 15th and I’m enjoying every minute with her (when she’s not out with her friends!) I didn’t realize how much I’d miss her…she’s matured so much since August. Home for the holidays – what could be better than that!

Last minute shopping, LOTS of baking and cookie decorating and a little more cleaning and I’ll be finished – all ready for Santa to come. Visiting family tomorrow will be wonderful. Brothers and sisters and their families I haven’t seen in a long time will be there too! How blessed I am to have such a large and loving family!

Since the tragedy in Connecticut on December 14th, I haven’t felt much like writing. Too many thoughts were going through my mind and I couldn’t decide whether to write about the holiday season or just wait and treasure the quiet moments shared with my loved ones. Although school is finally over, I have much planning to do for the future. Sometimes, the thoughts of it can be overwhelming.

I did receive a surprise package in the mail this afternoon from my niece andGhost Hunters Book (2) goddaughter who lives in California. She, like me, enjoys reading about the paranormal; however she is also a paranormal investigator. It’s ironic that I never realized this until a few years ago. This afternoon, I received an autographed book in the mail by the author of “Ghosthunting Southern California.” Sally Richards is a friend and member of their “ghost group,” Roadside Paranormal.

Okay, so this gift may not be what you would consider bedside reading during the Christmas holidays, but it’s great if you enjoy reading about ghosts and everything paranormal by the fire on a cold, dark night. I’m looking forward to reading it as soon as I find some quiet time when I’m not too exhausted from the holiday bustle.

To energize myself after the holidays, I have Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire workout to begin. That was a gift from my oldest brother who had great results from following the Beachbody workouts with Tony Horton. He’s 16 years my senior and in better physical condition than I am. That doesn’t say a lot for me and my exercise regime to date! However, what’s better than the New Year to begin a new routine?

My low-cholesterol eating plan has been working out pretty well. I’ve maintained a 4-lb. weight loss…not really too concerned about losing more until after the holidays. I just can’t resist the treats that are abundant this time of year. Moderation is the key and I’m permitting limited amounts of sweets while I continue eating lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in place of sugary foods.

White chocolate Cranberry cookiesI have to say I’ve made Teresa (Can’t Keep Out of the Kitehcn)’s White Chocolate and Cranberry cookies…and they’re delicious. Bringing them tomorrow along with a couple of others. My camera is so bad; can’t post too many pictures…but rest assured, dessert will be delicious!White chocolate Cranberry cookies1



My daughter, as tradition, opened one of her gifts tonight and loved the Vera Bradley travel case we bought her. It’s perfect for her little lotions and make up things and matches her purse. She was thrilled! Santa was good and we can’t wait till tomorrow.vera bradley

As long as we’re healthy and happy, what more could we ask? I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful and peaceful holiday. My best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year! Thanks for reading!

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.  ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

No More Pencils, No More Books…

Well folks.  I believe I’m finished.  God has carried me through many years of reading, writing, classes, notes, research, essays, journals, lectures, study groups, accounting, marketing, management, computers, history, etc. and now I’m finished.  I wish I could say I’m in the running for a doctorate but alas, no, or should I say, not yet!   With all the extra education I’ve received in addition to my degree, I could certainly be an Honorary something or other…?

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog, “likes”, “comments” and has given me encouragement.  You’ve taught me more than you know.  I feel very blessed.


Without further ado, I’ll be prancing around in the privacy of my home office doing a “HAPPY DANCE”  but you won’t be able to see me.  Hee Hee.  Just picture me clicking my heels and singing along with the following – one of my childhood favorites! 

I’m taking the rest of the evening off since I have bigger mountains to climb tomorrow!

Grazie & Buona notte!

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

Please don’t think of me as a terrible person, blogger, etc., it’s just that today (which is almost over) was extremely frustrating.  My mind is such a scrambled mess that any coherent writing at this stage is impossible.  After 15 days without a real shower (no hot water; a story for another day but we lost it during the storm), the plumber finally came this evening…right before dinner.  It’s well after 10:00pm; he just left and we still haven’t eaten.  Hell, I may as well wait until breakfast.   

 I somehow remembered a site I checked out a while back.  There’s nothing like a good oxymoron to turn a frown upside-down.  So here’s a small collection from www.Bored.com.  There’s plenty more where this list came from so if you’re so inclined…grab a tall drink, slip into your fuzzy slippers, read it and…smile.

 Top 20 List (of a gazillion)

 20. Government Organization

19. Alone Together

18. Personal Computer

17. Silent Scream

16. Living Dead

15. Same Difference

14. Taped Live

13. Plastic Glasses

12. Tight Slacks

11. Peace Force

10. Pretty Ugly

9. Head Butt

8. Working Vacation

7. Tax Return

6. Virtual Reality

5. Dodge Ram

4. Work Party

3. Jumbo Shrimp

2. Healthy Tan

1. Microsoft Works

“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”  – Mark Twain, a Biography

Jack of All Trades, Master of … Few?

Waking to a blanket of fog engulfing the cul-de-sac this morning was not exactly motivating; however, I managed a good breakfast, some exercise, taking care of kitties and checking e-mail, eager to begin my day.  While preparing breakfast, I had to acquiesce; I’m just not proficient at some of life’s little skills.  Then again, neither is Martha Stewart; how disappointing.

For your amusement, I’ve created a list of some common endeavors which seem to evade the OCD in me.   Can you identify with any?

Sectioning grapefruit   -By the time I’m finished, it looks like something the cat hacked up.

WordPress, Pinterest   –Still trying to get the knack of these sites.  And I joined Pinterest because?  Certainly not because I enjoy spending countless hours looking at dog and cat photos, although I’ll have to admit, they are adorable!

Fixing hair   –I’m blessed with a full head of hair; however, it takes at least 40 minutes to blow dry and style and that’s just to get it looking neat.  Putting it up, braiding, clips, etc., I’m all thumbs.

Water-skiing   –Not in this lifetime.  Why can’t you just start in a standing position?

Making homemade pasta  -Damn eggs keep sliding over the flour well!

Electrical wiring – Amps, volts, ohms, watts, neutral/ground, breaker/fuse, pigtail, busbar, gang, splice, Yikes!

Planting tulip bulbs  –Wondered why the stem was so short; guess I should have planted the root side down???

Pruning trees/shrubs  –What pruning, just chainsaw the hell out of them!

Making Pot Roast  –Nothing beats my sister Kathy’s pot roast; but I can make a kick-ass chili!

Clipping cats’ nails   -Not unless they’re dazed and confused first.

Using an iPod  –My daughter donated her old ones to me…haven’t used one yet.  What’s wrong with the radio?

Source code  –Per Wikipedia, “…any collection of computer instructions (possibly with comments) written using some human-readable computer language …” Human computers or computer humans?

Zumba   -Another reason to wriggle, writhe, bump and bounce and pull my back out!

Photography/Videography  –So many buttons, so many accessories, so little time to understand what they all do.

Sewing tulle  –I’d rather get a root canal.  Needle gets caught in holes all the same.

Angry Birds  – Have no clue what this is, how to play, never owned a Wii or Xbox, etc. but I used to play a mean game of PacMan…waccka, waccka!

Bra shopping   –Natural breasts slope; so why make rubberized bras that look like they’ll cover torpedoes?

Choosing between a comma and semicolon -MS Word keeps highlighting my commas, wanting me to use semicolons when they should be used for emphasis, no?; yes.  Arrggg.

Skimcoating   -There has to be an easier, faster, less dusty way to make a wall smooth.

Competing with my sisters in Scrabble   -I’m the youngest and they cheat…enough said.

Surviving the NY Times Sunday Crossword with my brother I’m the youngest and he’s the oldest…and he doesn’t cheat; he’s just too smart for me!

Hope you enjoyed my bit of joviality for the day.   Peace – Out ;D

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” ~ Thomas Edison

Homecoming Weekend in the South :D

We’re heading out to spend what I know will be a wonderful weekend visiting my daughter at college in North Carolina.  Funny how she sends me texts with subtle hints, trying not to show her enthusiasm for us coming down.  After all, she’s a young woman away at college for the first time, spreading her wings and is happy to be independent.  The  tone of her texts however, holds a tinge of trepidation.  “I’m great, love my classes and teachers, have tons of new friends, blah, blah, blah.”  Then comes the 11pm text:  “Can you glance at my paper and tell me if you like it?  It’s due tomorrow morning.”  I text back, “Sure, email it to me” knowing well that, although I really want to, I MUST NOT attempt to rewrite her paper!

My daughter is actually a very good writer and I’m a very poor critic.  She’s not in high school anymore and I have to learn, all over again, that she will do just fine WITHOUT my interference.  I brought her up properly and she’s proven to be the most trustworthy person I know.  I’m very blessed she turned out the way she did in spite of me 😀  So far, her grades are very good, she’s current on all assignments, gets to every class and is actually having fun without getting crazy.  Prayers work wonders!

Hopefully I’ll get to see her play Disc Golf, a game I’ve never heard of before.  Apparently it’s quite popular in North Carolina.  It’s sort of a technical frisbee game and the courses are specially designed.  There are Disc Golf tournaments and everything.  Who would have thought?

My daughter is also DJing at the college radio station.  I’ll get to hear how she entertains the audience and spins records. (Do they still use that term??? Oh God, I suddenly feel so old…)  She wants to get into the entertainment industry by way of singing, writing music and/or playing guitar but has some other interests for Plan B.  Thankfully, she’ll have something to fall back on which will more likely lead to employment after college.  I’ll stand behind her no matter what.  She’s her own person.

So off we go.  The next few days will be exciting.  I’ve been asked to bring down some homemade baked cookies, cupcakes or brownies.  That’s how I knew my daughter was a little homesick.  Rather than go through that trouble since I won’t be seeing her for an entire day, I’m bringing the ingredients and baking pans and will bake them fresh in the efficiency we’re staying in.  There’s a full kitchen and maybe we can bake them together.  Here’s to a very long road trip (10 hours at least), rest and on to Homecoming Weekend!  Now if only gas wasn’t so expensive…

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