Our Cat – Buried Alive?

It happened AGAIN!Reboarded floor with axe     Our XL sized cat, Mike (a female) decided to poke her nose where it didn’t belong. 

We’re still remodeling our dining room and I guess, while the rafters were exposed and the carpenter was busy elsewhere, Mike decided to go under the floor and through the rafters…somewhere.

The carpenter left three hours earlier, after first screwing down plywood over all the open spaces on the floor.   My husband thought he heard a tiny “meow.”  My cat may be large but she’s not a “meower.”  “Where the heck is Mike?”   “I think she’s in the floor!” he said.

Before pulling boardsGreat, our cat is buried alive in the floor.  This is the second time in two years this happened.  The only problem this time is that we couldn’t pull the plywood boards up.  They were screwed down with special screws which we had no tool for!

My husband rushed into the shed and brought back a …pick axe.  Really?  Guess he didn’t have a crowbar.  In any event, it took about fifteen minutes to pull the boards up but Mike was nowhere to be found.  We called her name, we searched with flashlights, and we even shook her treat bag…no Mike.Boards yanked up

I stuck my head in between the rafters in the floor with the flashlight but couldn’t see her.  There was one small hole in the corner – no, Mike was too big to fall down through that hole…wasn’t she?  OMG what if she DID fall through – that would mean we would have to tear out the wall downstairs to get her out.  There was no way to get her out from upstairs.  OMG…OMG….OMG.

 After more than an hour of calling her name, we decided to go into the kitchen to plan our next move.  Sure enough, who comes squeezing out from in between the rafters – yup!  That little brat!  She scared the heck out of us – especially me.  She was probably looking through the rafters watching me as I stuck my head down into there looking for her.  Of course I couldn’t see her – she’s black as night!  Damn cat.

Mike after being buried aliveI really wanted to yell at her but I couldn’t.  After taking a towel and cleaning her up a bit, she meandered over to her food bowl, plopped down and pawed the food into her mouth as usual – like nothing happened.  That’s a cat for you.  At least she’s safe.  I’m sure she’s saying – “Oh those humans – they make a big deal out of everything!”

I tell you, some days I’d like to exchange these cats for a bunch of kids…what am I saying?  Never mind, you get the picture.  Thankfully, all’s well that ends well.Mike on sneakers

 “Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.” ~ W. L. George