When Help is Refused; Where Are Our Leaders?

It might not be a good idea to write while incensed but I feel I have to say something.  The crisis New York and New Jersey (let alone other states affected by Hurricane Sandy) is a disgrace.  Didn’t our government learn anything from Hurricane Katrina?  We had plenty of advanced warning here on Long Island.  Yet the official “powers that be” did not prepare enough for this storm.  Nassau and Suffolk counties are among the highest taxed counties in the entire country yet we are pawns in the utility, union and government game.

 I am very grateful my family and home did not suffer anywhere near that of other families in our area.  A neighborhood father was killed by a falling tree while his wife and small children watched from their car as they were trying to escape Sandy’s wrath.  Two other children were swept from their mother’s arms as she attempted to flee a flood.  Stories like this break my heart.  Nobody should have perished in this storm but many did and this deeply saddens me.

 What upsets me the most is hearing stories about the refusal to postpone the NYC Marathon claiming it would bring recovery revenue into NYC or 1,000 utility workers from Alabama being harassed and turned away by NJ union members when all they wanted to do is help restore power to the communities.  Union workers cursed these volunteers, calling them “scabs” and accused them of taking their livelihood away.  If the union members were doing their work, what would volunteers be taking away from them?  Ah, the corruption cycle continues.


 I don’t want to go on further.  Usually I can find a compromise or brighter way of looking at this serious situation, but after all I’ve heard today, I’m disgusted.  Lines at the one gas station that was open near me were miles long.  Additionally, over 50 people stood in line waiting to fill their gas cans for fuel, heat or power.   

 If the government doesn’t act soon, there will be more devastation in the coming days.  It is a sad commentary on the state of our nation.  I hope and pray there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


2 thoughts on “When Help is Refused; Where Are Our Leaders?

  1. huh, I couldnt leave “like: on the post for some reason. But I ‘like”
    (its getting a bit better in NJ. Just the gas thing sucks. You get in line for an hour and can only get $40 so in two days you have to get in line again, but its better we have heat!

    • That happens to me alot with the “like”…not sure why? I agree with the gas. My husband refuses to wait on line more than hour…hoping to get some tomorrow when we go to vote. Good luck!

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