Here Comes Sandy!

This afternoon, I heard our governor declare a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Sandy, dubbed “Frankenstorm” who’s greatest impact is expected to strike Long Island Monday or Tuesday.  Similar to the storms of last year, Halloween, my favorite holiday, may be a washout.  That would greatly disappoint me.  While finishing the last of my Halloween decorating, I paused to do some last minute grocery shopping.  Big mistake.  I should have said the hell with Sandy and went on about my business.  I’m determined to complete my decorating by tomorrow.

Shopping was a nightmare; again, how appropriate for this time of year.  Why is it that whenever a major storm is on the horizon, the meteorologists are like “forecasters on steroids?”  I get it; this is the time retailers make big bucks on all the doomsdayers.  So, people go to the stores, load up on groceries, batteries, water, lumber etc. and stockpile it away like squirrels.  Quarter sales figures skyrocket! 

I’m not saying to ignore the warnings, but being prepared is not the same as panicking.  People in the stores this afternoon were wild; as if the Apocalypse were upon us.  Traffic was dreadful and I arrived back home tired and frustrated.  Needless to say, my one hour shopping expedition became three and I never finished what I had intended to do for the day.  On top of that, right before I left, I broke my 4ft. black light which shattered onto my beige carpet.  Can we say “it’s one of those days?”

This evening, I decided to make a nice salmon, couscous and spinach dinner to unwind.  Tomorrow, I’ll go about finishing my chores and not worry about the hurricane; we’re prepared.  I won’t become anxious over whether or not Trick-or-Treater’s will enthusiastically ring my bell on Halloween (actually, I might), or if the electricity will go out so I can play Life in the dark.  Oh wait, my daughter is away and I’d be left without a board game partner.  We always looked forward to playing games by candlelight if the electricity went out.  Such is life. 

Hopefully, Sandy will keep at bay (literally) and we’ll escape her wrath.  In the meantime, it’s off to help DH with some of his work and then curling up on the couch with the kitties and a James Patterson novel or maybe catching a good horror flick on television.  Either way, I’m hoping for a relaxing evening; the calm before the storm.

 “I dread the events of the future, not in themselves but in their results.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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