Gluten-Free Recap Week 1

Well, the first week, actually 10 days of my Gluten-Free meal plan has been okay.  I’m getting used to not eating breads which truthfully, bothers me.  I am a carb addict and have had some form of bread with my coffee every morning for decades.  Having yogurt with or without fruit in the morning or the occasional eggs does not make me a happy camper.  But I’m managing.

I am including two parts of my meal plan to date.  One is the 7 Day Menu and the other is a list of recipes.  Please Note:  After speaking with my dietitian, we agreed upon the Eating Well 1200 Calorie Menu each week for 3 weeks.  This is a plan I obtained from their website,   I have not made all the recipes yet but have stuck to the basics of the plan.  The meals have been tasty but I’ve tweated them somewhat, depending on my own tastes and what I’ve had on hand.  Two pounds lighter, I still feel I’m missing something.  My digestive problems have not ceased although they have not worsened, and maybe got a little better.  Could it be I’m waiting for that “aha” moment?  I’m not sure.

In any event, here is the plan I’m following.  Check it out or others on the website I mentioned.  I’ve done the footwork for you; putting the recipes in one place.  Feel free to let me know if anything appeals to you or if you have other suggestions.  

Later this week, I’ll increase my exercise a bit.  Halloween decorating and classwork has me a little preoccupied.  Trying to fit everything into my day can be daunting.  I vascillate between wanting to do so much and not wanting to do anything…I suppose I’m not unique.

Tonight, I’m taking a break and watching the Yankees!  Good times with my DH!  Looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening for a change.  Hope you have the same!

7Day Gluten-free Menu

Gluten Free 1200 Calorie Recipes

BTW, since I’m new to WordPress, if any of you techies have a better way for me to post recipes, I’d be thankful for advice!


2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Recap Week 1

  1. huh, gluten free diet is very hard to accomplish. I have to say that I tried it too, I sticked to it for two months, done a lot of workouts and tried to keep my calorie intake to 1400 cal per day…. and it made miracles. at 26 I got rid of my cellulite and, as never before, I have a better body then ever. I still try to avoid gluten but sometimes just eat a piece of bread or two.

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