Homecoming Weekend in the South :D

We’re heading out to spend what I know will be a wonderful weekend visiting my daughter at college in North Carolina.  Funny how she sends me texts with subtle hints, trying not to show her enthusiasm for us coming down.  After all, she’s a young woman away at college for the first time, spreading her wings and is happy to be independent.  The  tone of her texts however, holds a tinge of trepidation.  “I’m great, love my classes and teachers, have tons of new friends, blah, blah, blah.”  Then comes the 11pm text:  “Can you glance at my paper and tell me if you like it?  It’s due tomorrow morning.”  I text back, “Sure, email it to me” knowing well that, although I really want to, I MUST NOT attempt to rewrite her paper!

My daughter is actually a very good writer and I’m a very poor critic.  She’s not in high school anymore and I have to learn, all over again, that she will do just fine WITHOUT my interference.  I brought her up properly and she’s proven to be the most trustworthy person I know.  I’m very blessed she turned out the way she did in spite of me 😀  So far, her grades are very good, she’s current on all assignments, gets to every class and is actually having fun without getting crazy.  Prayers work wonders!

Hopefully I’ll get to see her play Disc Golf, a game I’ve never heard of before.  Apparently it’s quite popular in North Carolina.  It’s sort of a technical frisbee game and the courses are specially designed.  There are Disc Golf tournaments and everything.  Who would have thought?

My daughter is also DJing at the college radio station.  I’ll get to hear how she entertains the audience and spins records. (Do they still use that term??? Oh God, I suddenly feel so old…)  She wants to get into the entertainment industry by way of singing, writing music and/or playing guitar but has some other interests for Plan B.  Thankfully, she’ll have something to fall back on which will more likely lead to employment after college.  I’ll stand behind her no matter what.  She’s her own person.

So off we go.  The next few days will be exciting.  I’ve been asked to bring down some homemade baked cookies, cupcakes or brownies.  That’s how I knew my daughter was a little homesick.  Rather than go through that trouble since I won’t be seeing her for an entire day, I’m bringing the ingredients and baking pans and will bake them fresh in the efficiency we’re staying in.  There’s a full kitchen and maybe we can bake them together.  Here’s to a very long road trip (10 hours at least), rest and on to Homecoming Weekend!  Now if only gas wasn’t so expensive…