Keeping Gratitude in my Attitude :D

I believe in miracles.  A decade ago, I suffered a heart disorder that, had I been alone would have killed me.  Fortunately, it was not my time.  After that incident, I thought twice about my life and the choices I have as well as the decisions I make.  My life is pretty damn good today and I will continue to be grateful for the opportunity of having a second chance at life.  My family is happy I’m still around too.

One thing I learned after that incident is never to lose gratitude for the things I have rather than suffer disappointment for those I don’t.  Right now I’m in a difficult position for a number of reasons; however I still have the proverbial roof over my head, food on the table and clothes on my back.  Being unemployed and not having an income are only temporary situations.  They aren’t as important as the love I share with my family and friends and my spiritual connection with my Higher Power.  I am content knowing I will be provided for as long as I put the effort in every day. 

My emotions may fluctuate but I never have a bad day.  Although you don’t have to believe in God to feel inspired, I find it helps greatly and keeps me grounded.  If I start thinking negatively, I find something or someone to help me transpose my thoughts.  Today was another eye-opener for me. 

I don’t ever recall reading CNN online.  For some reason, I clicked on it this evening and read a story about the enormous sanitation problem India faces.  After reading the article, my entire mood changed.  Frankly, I felt quite ignorant of the fact that more than half of India’s population does not have access to running water, something I don’t even think twice about.  626 million people defecate in the open in India…in the open; primarily by the railroad tracks.  Even in the poorest neighborhoods, residents have refrigerators, televisions and cell phones but no toilets.  Believe it or not, many feel it is unsanitary to have a toilet in the house, which is a cultural issue to be addressed.  The problems that arise from defecating outdoors, however, are very serious and pose greater health risks, especially to children. 

After reading the article, I just sat back as tears came to my eyes.  I had just finished a nice dinner, washed the dishes and was sitting at the table drinking a glass of nice cool water with a slice of lemon.  The plight of the Indian population would not have affected me had I not watched the video.  There was a reason I happen to visit that particular site.  I do not believe it was a coincidence.  Now I need to take action even if I’m not exactly sure where to start or what to do.  The miracle today is that I’m still alive and able to make a change, however small, in this world I’ll eventually leave behind.  And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”  ~Aldous Huxley