A New Day

What a perfect day to begin a blog.  This is a day of reflection commemorating  a senseless tragedy which in turn generated enormous acts of kindness, compassion and unity within a nation and throughout the world.  Each morning I have the ability to begin another day with gratitude, inspiration, motivation, hope and love.  Today, my heart pours out to the loved ones of those who lost their lives on that fateful day 11 years ago. 

With that thought in mind, I begin this blog about how we can achieve peace and happiness in every aspect of our lives.   While I reflect on the past, research ways to brighten the future and inform others how they can also forge ahead no matter what stage of life they embrace, I hope to educate and entertain. 

I’ve been reading a multitude of articles on health and well-being for years.  Each day, we are bombarded with new diets, fitness regimens, supplements, creams and procedures, all with the intention of making us look and feel younger, like a fantasized Benjamin Button.  Really?  It’s time to sort facts from fiction.  We all know the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.  Yet as we age, our requirements differ from those of the younger generation.  Mature women need to investigate topics such as how our physical condition affects our mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual and financial health.  While this blog may be directed toward women in the second half of their lives, it will also be informative to all.

Recently, I came across an old photo proof I had taken around age nineteen.  The color has since worn but the expression reminds me of how much fun and energy I had back then.  The great news is that I can still have fun and keep my energy up even today with the right outlook, motivation and plan. 

My motto of “Success without Stress” is meant to teach others how to reduce the daily pressures of life while energizing their bodies, minds and souls.  Have a beautiful day.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”
Chinese Proverb

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